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Frights'n Lights, the renowned Halloween adventure in Frisco, Texas, turned to Pretty Creative Agency to invigorate their social media presence and elevate ticket sales. As an event that offers a unique blend of family-friendly fun and spine-chilling experiences, Frights'n Lights recognized the importance of strategic marketing in capturing the imagination of a broader audience.


Frights'n Lights approached Pretty Creative Agency with concerns about their “generic” social media pages, which failed to effectively showcase the event's activities and immersive experiences. Understanding the significance of a captivating online presence, Frights'n Lights sought our expertise to breathe new life into their social media channels.


Recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities at hand, Pretty Creative Agency embarked on a transformative journey to strengthen Frights'n Lights' social media presence and boost ticket sales. Our team devised a strategic plan that involved creating compelling and interactive content to engage the audience. We crafted thrilling teasers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and user-generated content campaigns that highlighted the event's unique offerings. To further amplify Frights'n Lights' reach, our team leveraged social media influencers and collaborated with local horror enthusiasts. These partnerships generated buzz and excitement among target audiences, while also encouraging existing attendees to become brand advocates, fueling organic reach and word-of-mouth marketing.


Through collaboration and strategy, our Team amplified Frights N Lights' online presence and achieved a 100% year-over-year increase in social media following, effectively expanding their reach and capturing the attention of a wider audience. Moreover, our strategic marketing initiatives led to a staggering 10x increase in ticket sales during the first week of availability, showcasing the event's popularity and success.

Pretty Creative Agency's strategic marketing initiatives, combined with Frights N Lights' dedication to creating spine-chilling experiences, propelled the brand to new heights of success. By leveraging social media platforms, engaging the audience through captivating content, and implementing data-driven strategies, we successfully positioned Frights N Lights as the ultimate destination for adrenaline-inducing thrills.

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